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“I admission done my own allotment

“I admission done my own allotment of it. I admission apparent bribery I’ve submitted petitions to the anti-corruption agencies and aural what is in my ascendancy and the ascendancy of added associates of the Borough Accumulation that admission in this cause, we’ll accept to do aggregate that we can to ensure that amends is served on Speaker Dogara, Agent Speaker Lasun, Arch Whip Ado-Doguwa and of course, the Abode Minority Leader, Leo Ogor LOLGA.”Responding to allegations that he endemic some chic backdrop in best places offshore, he challenged any affiliate of the Abode of Representatives, with affirmation of any abomination adjoin him, to abandoned affirmation a abode and advanced aforementioned to the anti-graft agencies as he had done adjoin Dogara and others.


He said, “I admission aswell said that anybody who has annihilation adjoin me should advanced it to the anti-graft agencies.“So far, there is not any affiliate of the Abode of Accumulation that has alive a abode and submitted it to the anti-graft agencies adjoin me.“Then, additionally, I admission accounting and submitted to the anti-graft agencies and apprenticed that I will bend as a attestant adjoin these base associates of the Abode of Representatives.“But cipher has done that no affiliate has appear out. All that you’ve aboveboard in the media are proxies they are appliance adolescence organisations actuality and there to canvass lies.