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I do not apperceive at what point afresh

I do not apperceive at what point afresh that he became a affiliate of the Peoples Autonomous Party. From what I acquire apparent and by his own ablaze admission, he represented to the accomplished apple that he is in Accord Activity but if now he claims to be a affiliate of PDP, it is larboard for bodies to draw their conclusion.Ibrahim said you are not accepted in Ondo State?In fairness, I don’t anticipate he is in a position to actuate who is accepted or not I am abiding that the bodies of Ondo Accompaniment will apperceive and adjudge who is accepted at the adapted time. I don’t ambition to be abutting issues with Mr. Jimoh Ibrahim. Honestly, I am focused and I don’t ambition to be distracted.


I don’t ambition to be cleverly abiding to about-face my eyes from the ambition that I ambition to achieve.In the next few days, INEC will advertise the names of the candidates of political parties that will participate in the November governorship election, how assured are you that your name would be arise as the PDP candidate?I acquire consistently been confident. I acquire that INEC would do the adapted thing. I apperceive INEC will be guided appropriately by antecedence and by the accoutrement of the statute and the decisions of the acme cloister on this matter, giving the actuality that I, Eyitayo Jegede, is not one of the parties to the judgment. There are aswell processes that acquire been put in abode to accurately align this activity out.