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I now beddy-bye alfresco with my tets’ Sunday Features‘I now beddy-bye alfresco with my tets’ 9,1246 message 593 oladeinde Some of the victims of the annihilation allotment their belief with.What is your name?I am Oladeinde Bakare.How connected acquire you been alive in the area? I acquire been alive in Abule Egba aback 1980.Were you accustomed any apprehension afore your abode was demolished?The aboriginal time government admiral came to my abode they apparent out at point and told me my abode was 92 metres abroad from the freeway which was a adequate thing. It happened two Thursdays ago.


My ancestors and I were animated about the .?? A commemoration ago, we were told that the annihilation exercise would added affect some of us, from their altitude it was no best 92 metres and they said it would affect my house.? I anticipation there was traveling to be added altercation on the matter. We wrote a letter to the government but our accomplishment was to no avail We still kept aphasiac on the bulk cerebration we reside in a chargeless government breadth issues are dealt with in a able manner, but I assumption we were wrong.When was your abode demolished?On Tuesday morning, we were woken by the complete of a huge caterpillar. We all ran to the balustrade fearing the worst. We saw the huge apparatus ripping down years of peoples’ accumulation and investments. Adapted there, we knew our abode was next