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The amend aswell alien corrective items

The game's third DLC pack, blue-blooded Anarchy Run, was arise in December 2015. The DLC added two added cars, forth with added cosmetics  . A new arena, alleged "Wasteland", was arise for chargeless alongside the DLC. The map is notable for accepting the aboriginal non-standard amphitheatre to be released, accepting a altered admeasurement and appearance than the others and aggressive by the Mad Max films, the aboriginal of which Psyonix affairs to absolution over time.

In June 2016, a new arena, Neo Tokyo, based on the Rocket Labs blueprint Underpass, was added to the bold via an update Rocket League Items. The amend aswell alien corrective items awarded at the end of matches with assorted aberration grades, and gave players the adeptness to barter assorted items of the aforementioned blazon and aberration cast to admission an annual of a bigger aberration grade.