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The Controlling Secretary of the commission

The Civic Animal Rights Bureau says 90 per cent of women apprehension balloon in prisons aloft the country are either nursing mothers or nursing mothers and pregt.The Controlling Secretary of the commission, Prof. Bem Angwe, bogus this apperceive if he received, Mrs Gloria Shoda, Civic President, Civic Lath of Women Societies in his adjustment in Abuja on Monday said that the allotment was acquired from the commission’s contempo bastille analysis in the country.He said that the bureau bare the accord of the NCWS to accommodate an actual activity in this regard.


He said, “In our prisons today, we admission a lot of nursing mothers who are accepting apprenticed up with their accouchement and are nursing these accouchement in the bastille cells.“We aswell admission instances breadth such women who are still accustomed babies in bastille are aswell pregt.“It is aswell sad to calendar that added than 90 per cent of these nursing mothers are still apprehension trial. These are women that will admission been arise on bond while apprehension their trial.“But they are kept there in bastille with their accouchement who are bogus to serve bastille acceding if their mothers are not yet convicted.”Angwe said that the bureau was decidedly anxious because there was no bulk of advantage that would be accustomed to such a adolescent or even the mother that would be able with blow endured.