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"NBA2K17" a lot of new players for the VC and MT coin demand is very large, VC points can draw cards, which is gambling luck and quick access to the new card the best way, today for everyone to bring the NBA2K17 latest practical brush VC and MT coin method that, but you absolutely can not think of the method, still struggling for the VC point friends do not miss, hoping to help everyone.

The purpose is to benefit the majority of MT players, as long as their own hands, do not spend money will be able to engage in new out of the card, no longer need to VC or buy MT. Recently sold CDKEY, reward 100,000 VC, black card Kobe Bryant + Jordan.

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First to tell you not to spend their own numbers to take a CDKEY specific operation. Suppose your own number is to buy 199 or 265 2K17. Register a new STEAM account, verify the mailbox, buy 330 of the NBA2K17 (to pay treasure purchase as an example), point to start the game, the game serial number photographed, and then click on the right side of the customer service, and expected not, I want to apply for a refund, Refund to Alipay, casually choose a reason. And then on their own number, set, locker code, the photo serial number into the finished.

PS: 330 before you can buy the 265 serial number. Buy 199 can be used together with 265,330 serial number, equal to take 130,000 VC, a black card Jordan, 2 black card Kobe Bryant, repeat Kobe Bryant can sell 250MT, Alipay payment, then the refund time is basically two hours Inside.In order to purchase NBA Live mobile coins you can visit the online store at NBA Live Mobile Coins. The service provided is secure and reliable. You can exchange NBA LIVE Mobile 24/7. There are plenty of mobile coins on stock and you can trust our years of experience in the filed of trading virtual items. Our excellent support team will ensure the safety of every order. When you acquire NBA Live mobile coins from our website, you will enjoy fast delivery as well as convenience in after-sale-service.

Oh yes, if you have doubts, I feel no refund, then I have no way, the letter of their own people to try to know. So the question came, since their own number can open the trumpet to buy CDKEY collar VC, that would not it? Yes, register a STEAM account A, verify the mailbox, buy 330 pieces of 2K17. Write down the serial number and then refund.

And then register a STEAM account B, verify the mailbox, buy 265 2K17, start the game, and then to agree to a few terms, casually compiled a mailbox registered 2K account, casually fill a name of a self-created characters. Into the main interface after the set, locker code, the right lower corner of the 26K CDKEY input to have 30000VC, then put down before the 330 pieces of CDKEY input and there are NBA Live Coins. With 13 million VC after opening the dream team, the initial card package 5 choose one, casually engage in a team name and abbreviation, abuse two minutes of the Nets, buy BOOST PACK. And then you can arbitrarily dominate the 13 million VC, and want to buy what card package to buy what card package. (Here insert a paragraph, the new number is likely to be found in the collection of players in the history of the essence of the page, this time need to go to my computer to find STEAM folder, and then userdata, his large account of a string of numbers The folder, 385760, local, copy SYNC.BIN, and then paste it into your trumpet of a string of numbers in the folder 385760local inside, replace the trumpet of SYNC.BIN).

Out of a good card how to deal with it should not teach me? After processing STEAM account B remember point customer service, and the expected does not match, I want to apply for a refund, refund to Alipay, casually choose a reason.

After practicing a little bit, so get 10 numbers from the beginning of registration to the final processing card about 3 hours. Alipay put (265 +330) X10 = 5950 yuan can be done out. 3 hours 130W VC or can take out a lot of good cards, and now should be a relatively efficient way.