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Ukonga said the Agency was accustomed

That region, amidst Senegal and Angola, affects our ficial and accurate advancement as a country. Nigeria will, therefore, accommodated all its obligations to the Gulf of Guinea Commission, and aswell animate added affiliate countries to do the same.This administering will do its best to strengthen amphibian security. The awakening of the Gulf of Guinea Agency is vital, and Nigeria will participate added finer because of the advancement implications, he said.


Ukonga? said the Agency was accustomed in 2001, to accouterment piracy,? able fishing, drugs and animal trafficking, ecology pollution, a allotment of others Gulf of Guinea Commission, with abode in Luanda, Angola, aswell generates acquaintance a allotment of affiliate states on the accusation to advance advancement in their territorial waters.We acquire been giving the bad guys in amphibian a run for their money, the Controlling Secretary said.The Agency has eight countries as associates from West and Axial Africa, with an appetite to acquire added countries soon.